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The Antaris platform has a proven track record with helping fitness clubs maximize their profitability by streamlining their key processes and delivering cutting-edge services to their clients.

Integrated EFT

Who says managing your EFT billings can't be simple? Say good-bye to your dual systems and all their costly mistakes and wasted time.

Seamless EFT Returns
and A/R Management

In just 1 step you can update your EFT returns, charge NSF fees, suspend accounts, and notify members. Managing your receivables is just as easy.

Robust PT

Toss those binders! Bring those sessions online and start realizing some serious time and cost savings.

Cutting-Edge Member

Q: What happens when you mix customized assessment forms with dynamic training programs? A: Lots of new and recurring personal training sales.

Effective Leads

Wouldn't it be nice to quickly know your membership leads, current members that never bought personal training, paid-in-full members set to expire, and former members?


If the information is valuable to you, it's available in a user-friendly, exportable report. In fact only your accountant won't love our reports - thanks to the lower fees they'll be charging.

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